Club Constitution

  1. To promote and maintain the Jack Russell as a breed of working terrier, possessing courage, intelligence and stamina.
  2. To establish and maintain the breed standard of the Jack Russell Terrier in Canada.
  3. To provide and maintain a central register for Jack Russell Terriers in Canada where records and information on pedigrees, stud dogs, bitches, breeders, and owners comments on the working ability of their dogs can be kept.
  4. To arrange meetings and shows for Jack Russell Terriers.
  5. To establish qualifications for certain classes of working certificates and to issue same to qualified Jack Russell Terriers.
  6. To establish qualifications for certain classes of judges and to sanction same according to their qualifications, and to maintain a list of these judges.
  7. To gather and disseminate information which can be used to educate interested people and improve the conditions, practices, or methods employed in the breeding, raising, exhibiting and working of Jack Russell Terriers.
  8. To assist and encourage co-operative effort among the Jack Russell Terrier Clubs of other nations, their members, owners and breeders, to achieve the foregoing objectives and purposes.
  9. To oppose affiliation with or influence by any organizations or persons whose beliefs or actions might result in practices considered detrimental to the breed of Jack Russell Terriers.